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Has anyone done anything with SharePoint Surveys in Nintex Workflows?

Question asked by sonisick on Aug 30, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2017 by sonisick

I  my experience Surveys are difficult to extract data from in SharePoint. Setting up the survey is easy enough but extracting the data to another list seems to be a bear.


I've had a client who wants to add some additional columns as a follow-up or response to some the survey answers.

My only suggest was to create another list from the Excel Export and import it into another list. In the other list, I can add additional columns.

What I don't like about my solution is that it is manual and requires a re-import every time I want new data. Now a Nintex Form can be formatted and makes a nice container for looking at individual survey's and the response.


Anyone else tangle with this beast. I see no easy ways to get workflows into survey lists.