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Form with Payment options

Question asked by cmikhaiel on Aug 29, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2017 by rhia

We've got a form that requires some payment options, the business area doesn't have paypal nor using any electronic formats for payments ... yet.

All they got is a form that the submitters print, select if they want to pay by cheque/money order/mastercard/visa

if by card, they keep the credit card info on the paper stored somewhere... then may be shredded after. 

I was asked to give some ideas on how to put the payment information, scanning cheques/ having those cheques uploaded somewhere secure using the Nintex forms in 2016.May be securily store the credit card info until the payment is done then delete the item/form. 

any suggestions? or thoughts about doing payments in general through the Nintex forms. I've found couple of questions asked before but got no answers. 

Your prompt response is appreciated, I need to get this out in the next couple of days.