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Add/Display Existing Calculated SharePoint Column to Nintex Form

Question asked by nintish on Aug 30, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2017 by nintish

New to Nintex Forms. I created a SharePoint list and generated a SharePoint Nintex Form. In part the list contains three columns concerning a person's name.

First Name

Last Name

Full Name (calculated)

The Full Name column is a calculated column with this formula: =CONCATENATE([First Name]," ",[Last Name])

In my Nintex Form Controls there is no Full Name column in General, List Columns or SharePoint.


Where did it go or why does it not show? Unsure and so far unable to find a good explanation this site or any other; just lots of examples about how to add, subtract, multiply, etc, numbers (or dates) from two fields/columns, etc, in a third--not seemingly my objective but could be for being new not see the solution. I cannot find any postings on this site that explains why my calculated column is missing. I simply want to add it to my form and of course show the results when saved or edited by whatever means best suited. Thanks for the help.