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How do I query list to collect site URL's then send one email to the SCA's with a list of all the all the sites up for audit?

Question asked by kmccool on Oct 9, 2014

Hi all, I'm trying to create a workflow that looks at the upcoming site review date and it if it's less than three months out, sends one email of all the sites that meet that criteria to the SCA listed.

so far I've added a "today's date" field and a calculated field for "today + 3 months" to compare the next review date to. then I've created a list query that collects the URLs of the items that meet the date parameters and stores the results in a collection. Then I've added a collection operation that joins with a <spacer> and stored the results again. after that, the work flow should send the notification to the SAC with the URL's collected.

My problem is, the workflow is sending out an email for each site (item) on the list and the email is blank, so the collection isn't working, nothing is working.

Also, I'm still in SP 2007.


Any thoughts?