Designing Nintex Forms for HR system and Power BI reports

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Business requirements

  1.  We are working on a customer requirements and it’s a basically of the HR system where HR managers for specific regions (Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan etc.) would be filling in the employee information such as number of employees, average salary for 6 months, number of training completed, number of years in services, Age profile for each region, etc.  

    HR Admins will be filling these numbers within Nintex form.

    Company split the financial periods into two:  1st FY2017 and 2nd FY2017.

    This is sample POC form that prepared for the customer:

  2. Each regional HR, for e.g. Indonesia, will fill on all employee details and other details in the Form.

    They also should be viewing his/her own dashboard for that region. We will be using Power BI specific regions.

    The requirement is that each region SHOULD NOT ABLE to access other regions for confidential purposes.   
  3.  Global HR should be able to view all the regions.


  4. Regional HR Nintex Form:

    Using a drop down for the regions and its associated subsidiaries for that region.  

    For e.g. HR Admin for Indonesia select region from the drop down and related subsidiaries for Indonesia and fills all the form details.
    It will exactly same that we have prepared as above screenshot.  

  5. Global HR Nintex Form:

    Global HR should be able to view all dashboards for all the regions.

    For e.g. Global HR





    1st FY17

    2nd FY17

    1st FY17

    2nd FY17

    1st FY17

    2nd FY17

    1st FY17

    2nd FY17

    We will assign a separate SharePoint groups for the Global HR.

    We are thinking to use List look up, Calculated fields to display each region within Nintex Form and also display this information in Power BI dashboard for the management.  

    Could you please suggest if this approach we have taken is okay or it can be optimized further?  

    Thanks in advance! 


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