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Workflow Error with Odd Symbol

Question asked by mcdeedc on Aug 28, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2018 by mcdeedc

Didn't think I would be back so soon. I encountered something odd. A workflow I created is running and performs all the actions; however, it then stalls at the end and eventually errors out. During this time no one else can run the workflow, just a simple class sign up workflow.


Two Questions:

1. Does anyone know what this below image is? Its in the workflow just like any workflow action except I can't delete it, select it, or interact with it at all. If I try and publish the workflow I get a type mismatch error and can't publish. I am going through all my actions to see if I notice anything, its been running great for some time.

2. Users can't run a workflow when another workflow is running on this item. That is the message they get when trying to sign up for a class. Is this the nature of the beast or is there some method to let more than one workflow run at a time?


Thank you.