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List Lookup item for use in email header

Question asked by jkweaver on Aug 29, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2017 by jkweaver

I need help with trying to include information from a drop down/list to an email header. I have a cascading drop down where the first drop down asks about what product (5 options) is being used and based upon that answer, the next drop down will have a list of options, where each list of options are unique to the product that was selected.


I need to take the information from the second drop down to add to an email header from the workflow. However, I only need the first two bytes of data from that string of information. I have used the substring function before and so that part is easy. What I am having trouble with is the workflow in which I am using Set a Condition and Update Item. The problem is that it keeps defaulting to the name of the workflow. The list item VR01 (from Update Item attachment) is what I use to populate into my email header (and is where I do the substring function for the two bytes, in my example would be to read the 01,02,03, etc. from the list lookup).


I have provided some screen shots below. The first is my list lookup from the second drop down. The second is the Set a Condition and the third is the Update Item. Any help or insights would be appreciated. I am stuck with this one.