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Creating Rule to show/hide a control based on what another control contains

Question asked by cory92790 on Aug 25, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2017 by fhunth

I am trying to show or hide two controls based on what another control contains. If a calculated value field (called "Filter Control") contains CLM01, CLM74, or CLM75 I need the two controls to be displayed, but if it contains anything else, I need it to stay hidden.


The rule I created initially for the controlwas:


Filter Control!="CLM01"||"CLM74"||"CLM75"


I would then check the "Hide" option for the rule, but had no luck. So, I shortened it down to:


Filter Control!="CLM01" and this worked perfectly.


I tried various bracketing and spaces, shown below, also with no luck:


(Filter Control!="CLM01"||"CLM74"||"CLM75")


Filter Control!=("CLM01"||"CLM74"||"CLM75") - This one will display the controls when Filter Control contains CLM01, but not CLM74 or 75.


Filter Control!="CLM01" || "CLM74" || "CLM75"


(Filter Control!="CLM01" || "CLM74" || "CLM75")


Filter Control!=("CLM01" || "CLM74" || "CLM75")


Any formatting suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please, let me know if I've been descriptive enough. I can also provide screenshots as necessary.


Thank you!