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State machine and safe looping - can you clarify Nintex behavior ?

Question asked by rdalle on Aug 29, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2017 by greenawayr

Hi !

I've read several threads around state machine and safe looping, but it seems like my question is a little bit different (or I didn't find the right thread, my apologies in that case).


Let's say I have a State Machine configured with branch A, B, C, D, E

Branch A can lead to B or D depending on the task result

Branch B can lead to C or D depending on the task result

Branch C can lead to D or E depending on the task result

Branch D can lead to Branch A, B, or C depending on the task result

Branch E is the final branch and has a change state "Exit state machine"


The situation I've been able to see is the following


When Branch A, B, or C finishes, there's a delay before starting next branch. I suppose it is due to safe looping.


When Branch D finishes, there is NO delay before branch A, B, or C starts again ==> No safe looping I guess.


My question is : Why ?


Thank you for your help