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Can I hide calculation controls in Responsive forms and still have them working?

Question asked by shaunlub on Aug 23, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2017 by euang

I have a series of selectors resulting in numbers for risk level. There is also a cost field.

I have nested-If calculated value controls working out the correct level for each input (including the cost amount).

I need to have the highest of all the calculated levels to show as the Approval Level. This can be done using the runtime max() formula. But this will not work by directly pulling calculated Levels in a list of named controls inside the max() brackets; I need to concatenate these in to one Calc Value control and put this inside the max() brackets. This all works fine - but I want to hid the concatenated value, but still have it used to calculate the Approval Level. But when I hide the concatenated Calc Value control the Approval Level control is also hidden.  Previously, with classic forms, I would have hidden the Calc Value control behind another control, or changed the colour of the text and background to match the form. But I cannot see how I can do this using the restricted theme controls on the responsive forms. 

Does anyone have any suggestions around this?