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use selected Drop Down Value for validation

Question asked by Patrick Weber on Aug 23, 2017
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for my current workflow, I created a Nintex Form. This form contains a drop down box named NextState. The values gets populated by a SharePoint List. I assigned ID and Text to some workflow variables

Now what I want to do is to disable a text field, if user selects one special entry of the drop down list

So i placed the text field right unterneath the drop down list and added some formatting rule


As you see in pictures, we are german speaking, the rule I added should be equals(NextState, "Band") in english.



I tried it in different ways and it drives me crazy. The text field always shown. "Band" is the value, the user selects. It is a value of the lookup list. I tried it with the Liste Item ID of lookup, the Text like shown above, I tried it also with NextStateText and NextStateID, using " and don't use them.


Everything without luck.


So please help me to find out what is wrong.