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UDA Task disable section with element properties

Question asked by mvahsen on Aug 22, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2017 by mvahsen

When I execute a task in an user defined action (icon with yellow pencil), the task shows the list of the properties of the element. In a normal workflow task (green pencil) I can disable this with the option "Show section with element properties in view of task properties". Is there a way to disable the view of the properties in an uda?



1-Task icon with "green pencil",

not available in UDA

2-Task icon with "yellow pencil" available in UDA

3-Task icon with "checked board"

available in UDA



Task properties of "green pencil icon"




I tried the 3rd type of task with a board icon. Here I can choose the Content type and no other properties are shown.

The settings for changing the task title are bit different from task type 1, this post was helpful Setting Workflow Task fields from "Assign to-do task" action