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Set Value of Text Box from Calculated Control via JavaScript

Question asked by ebglenn on Aug 22, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2017 by nps9

I have been searching and testing JavaScript for several days now and can't get this to work (because I am no JavaScript expert).  I simply need to set the value of a Single Line Textbox control with the value being calculated in a Calculated Value control. (The Textbox control has to be used in a List View filter, as Calculated Value controls cannot be used.)


I have set the JavaScript variables in both controls:

  • Calc control variable = calLocNum
  • Text control variable = txtLocNum


I also need the Text control value to update whenever the Calc control value changes.  So, this is the JavaScript that I think is close to what I need, but it doesn't work.




NWF$("#" + calLocNum).change(function()


NWF$("#" + txtLocNum).val(NWF$("#" + calLocNum).val());



The other thing I find is the use of double quotes versus single quote around the #. Which is correct?  I'm using Nintex Forms 2010 on prem.