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Copy Item with User Action (optional fields)

Question asked by patrick.hallinan on Aug 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2018 by newguy

I have a requirement to build a copy item feature that copies an item from List A to List A.  However, the caveat is that the user would like to "select" which fields to copy.  For example, the form has 20 fields, they would like to select which of the 20 they want to "keep" and copy / create new item via something like a check box


My initial thought was to store the source items columns in WF variables and then use the Request Data feature to have the options listed to select (checkboxes).  What happens next is where I get lost.  It's my understanding that the values would go to a Task list that Request Data users which can be a temporary holding area.  From there, I would then copy the values back to List A but not sure how it would work or if it's even possible.


Thank you Nintex community! =)