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Copy and Update Form Attachments to a Document Library

Question asked by mcdeedc on Aug 21, 2017
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The Scenario


In short we have an application for which a new customer to turn on their water service needs to submit two attachments. One is proof of occupancy and the other is identification. When complete our utilities department wants to have these documents put into a document library so they can access them later when they get customer service calls or need to reference for security and so on. We want to copy those attachments to a list and then fill out some columns such as name, address, and the type of document, either proof of occupancy or ID.


My Current Thought Process.


Copying them was easy, used the Copy to SharePoint workflow action and it works perfect. I have the documents in the document library and storing results from that action gives me both URLs for each of the documents. I believe I can use these urls to update the items, correct? My next step would be to use the hidden column "FormData" for the two attachment controls. Each control is named separately so I know which control was used to upload the document and in turn which type of document each are.


My Difficulty


I am having difficulty pulling the XML Query on the FormData column. I am not sure what I need to query in the Output 1 section.


I understand from posts such as this one that I should see it in form variables; however, when using a number of methods in many other posts to see what is in FormData I don't ever see the form controls. I did however successfully pull a form variable out of my XML query. I wanted to just store the file names in form variables but I couldn't see how you could store that information in a variable, saw every single other column/control but not the attachment controls.


Appreciate any advice or assistance.

Thank you.