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Query a list and output an item's content using JavaScript

Question asked by michael.c on Aug 22, 2017
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I will start off saying that using the lookup() function within a calculated field will not work in this scenario. I require the ability to complete the form using Nintex mobile, unfortunately the app does not support lookup() functionality for whatever reason. I've got SharePoint 2010 on prem.


Here is the desired outcome, but I need help to get it working on mobile devices:

Desired Outcome

Currently, the first drop down menu is a list lookup which gives the option to select an existing report to edit. Once a report has been selected, the second section, "Selected QC Details" auto-populates based on the report number that was previously chosen. This works beautifully and smoothly on the desktop!


The idea I have is to get around the lookup() function by using some JavaScript (or any other idea you may have). I searched online and found an article by Jeremy Jaya Raj titledHow to query a SharePoint list from another list in Nintex Forms for O365. This has the right idea, but I was not able to replicate the desired results. I do not feel comfortable enough with my experience to get this working correctly on the form.


In the end, I essentially need the script to create variables that I can then use to place in the calculated field. The variables I will need are: Created, Status, and Observation. Any assistance would greatly welcomed!