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Multiple Forms and 1 workflow scenarios

Question asked by sandy_s on Aug 20, 2017
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Hi All,


We have a customer who has purchased Nintex Standard edition (5 Workflows and 25 Forms).


The customer wants to use a self-service Employee module which should have the following.

  • Leave Request Form.
  • Expense Claim Form.
  • Asset management Form.
  • HR On-Boarding Form.
  • Etc etc .. (Customer will add more forms at later stage)


They want to use 1 or 2 Workflows for all these forms and minimize the workflows.

I told them that each Form will have different business process and there will be different approvals. They said most of approvers will be same.

My Approach is:

  • Combine all the forms into 1 Nintex form.
  • And when a user can choose leave request, expense claim, Asset management, and HR On-Boarding from the Drop Down.
  • If a user selects leave request from the Drop-down list, then we display only Leave Request within Nintex form.
  • But I don’t know, how can I manage workflows part. Can I use a flag within the workflow which passed the Form selection criteria (such as leave request drop down) and workflow users that flag that based on the form criteria?


Please suggest any I can achieve this?  

Tomasz Poszytek Andrew Glasser Rhia Wieclawek

Thanks, in advance.