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How to create a mobile form to update and view items on a different list?

Question asked by michael.c on Aug 17, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2017 by emha

Sorry if this has already been answered in a different post. I tried searching but I could not find anyone with a similar issue.


Here's my problem. We use Nintex mobile for SharePoint 2010 heavily out on different job sites, where desktops are not available to use. At these job sites, we have a form which allows for employees to file quality control issues with said job site. These employees who use Nintex mobile need a way to edit and view the submitted forms. This is easy on the Desktop as you can view any submitted items and edit the information right then and there. Edits may include adding/removing notes to the submissions, updating the status from "open" to "close", add/remove a responsible party, etc.


Right now we have List A which contains the master list of every submitted form. This is where employees currently submit a QC issue. Now that a form has been submitted, I need a way for my employees to view and edit those submitted forms from the job site on their device. This is where I was thinking we would have another list, List B, so our mobile users could open up the form and select a previously submitted item from List A. Upon selecting a previous QC submission, I would like a way for the form to auto-populate the fields from the respected List A submission where it can then be edited as needed.


Also, what would the workflow for List B look like?


It is important that all of this can be done from a mobile device. This would not be an issue if Nintex comes out with an update on mobile devices that allow you to view and edit the contents of a list. I hope this can be done and in a user friendly fashion for employees.