Mailroom automation

Discussion created by dsotirov on Aug 17, 2017
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I was wondering if anyone has tried biulding a solution for mailroom automation with Nintex. I was given the task for creating one which includes:

  1. Register incoming mail - create a new item with a unique auto-incrementing number/string.
  2. Print the number/string to a barcode printer (barcode to be stuck onto the paper)
  3. Scan the paper to SharePoint (with the stuck barcode to be connected to the list item)
  4. Fill in additional metadata and route with a workflow.
  5. The receiver often needs to send back a reply so he must be able to create a new record/item for outgoing mail (in another list/library) which must have a "link" between them so that they are easily traceable.


The business process is not set in stone, so I am open to ideas on how you manage your incoming and outgoing (paper-based) mail.

Thank you.