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How to combine several IF statements in a calculated value field?

Question asked by on Aug 15, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2017 by N M

This formula is working in a SharePoint calculated column but now I am needing to build a repeating section and I cannot get this same formula to work on a Nintex form within a calculated value field.  Note: The calculated value field/control is within a repeating section.


=IF([Pay Code]="700-Overtime",(([Hourly Rate]/2+[Hourly Rate])*[Hours Worked/Paid]),IF([Decimal Hours]>40,([Hourly Rate]*40)+([Decimal Hours]-40)*([Hourly Rate]/2+[Hourly Rate]),IF([Pay Code]="195-10% Differential",([Hourly Rate]*0.1)*[Decimal Hours],IF([Pay Code]="606-Night Differential",([Decimal Hours]*0.5),IF([Pay Code]="038-Freezer Pay",[Hours Worked/Paid]*1,[Decimal Hours]*[Hourly Rate])))))