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IF function with NW 2013

Question asked by jkweaver on Aug 17, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2017 by jkweaver

Trying to build an IF function with NW 2013, but instead of receiving the value from the IF formula, I keep receiving the function as the result (i.e. fn-IF(......)). I read a similar post (No IF Function in NW 2010) and feels like a similar issue with what I am currently experiencing. My IF statement is simply stating that if the input value on my Nintex form is blank, the answer is No, and if not blank, Yes.


I am trying to add this value in the subject line of an email workflow, but currently I don't have the IF statement availability from the Inline Functions. And so the result I keep receiving in my subject line is the full function statement and not the value from the form.


Any thoughts? Still new to Nintex so on the upside of the learning process.