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Auto populate value in drop-down menu

Question asked by harryr on Aug 16, 2017
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I want to auto-select field values based on values elsewhere in the form.




Drop-down menu A: Creature

Choices: Man, Dog, Spider


Drop-down menu B: Species

Choices: Human, Canine, Arachnid


When a user selects Man in menu A,  menu B auto-populates as Human. 

When a user selects Dog in menu A,  menu B auto-populates as Canine. 

When a user selects Spider in menu A,  menu B auto-populates as Arachnid. 



These menu choices are not based on lookups of other lists. Using lookup lists is not practical for us. We need our forms in one list without the requirement of maintaining supporting lists.


I understand that InfoPath allows this functionality quite easily, but can't seem to find something similar in Nintex Forms.

I don't mind using JavaScript, just not sure if this can be done without in the latest version or how I would go about doing it. 


Appreciate any help that can be offered.


Platform: Nintex Forms 2013

Environment SharePoint 2013 Enterprise