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Best way to work with multi select(Check Boxes) field and send email communication to the respected factory

Question asked by vamsi1278 on Aug 14, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2017 by emha

Hi I am confused on how to work with Multi select field and send email communication whenever a person select one of the check box.


1) I created an item Example 1 and send communication to 5 Companies. Now each company will come and select if they are accepting this or not using multi select value.

2)  If AT & T Accepted this item then they will click respective check box and click on save then i need to send an email 

3) Now Verizon opened the item and accepted the item then an email should be sent to Verizon. In the same way for all the companies, Whoever accept this item then an email should be sent to the admin that this company accepted this code.


Any thoughts on how can i do this? 


I tried with condition but it is failing.