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List (multiple-selection) display length

Question asked by gwickstead on Aug 11, 2017
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I am trying to display a list of options around 170 entries long.

To do this, List (multiple-selection) seems to be the best option for me.


However, it seems like the control refuses to display more then 4 lines.


I have searched for this question and it was asked once before, and a very short answer was given that just said this:


Now I understand that I need to change the size attribute to a number that fits on my form, however I am unsure how to find my ID.


I did inspect the element and uncovered an ID=1249afba-3713-4218-b7e7-e9fbfdbbbdb0, and the control itself is named in the editor as choOGshipping.


Also, when I am adding this small script, what is the syntax required to use it?

Currently I have this in the custom javascript section of the form settings.





This does not work though.


Sharepoint 2010

Nintex Forms 2010


Thanks in advance for any help!