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rules and apostrophe (') in values ?

Question asked by john_888 on Oct 7, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2014 by mmatsako


I've columns as single line of text or choices and need to use them in rules to hide or display some content.

The problem is that the single line text or the choice may contain an apostrophe (') and using the itemproperty in the rule does break the javascript code when opening the form (blank page). Is there a workaround, is this a bug ?


example: a simple rule like isNullOrEmpty({ItemProperty:MyChoice}) with the value of MyChoice set to «c'3» will break the javascript:

in the debugger we can see NWF.FormFiller.Functions.GetTypedValue('c'3','Choice') whith is obviously invalid javascript


This has been tested with the latest version of nintex form: