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Technical design documents for Nintex Workflows and Forms

Question asked by westerdaled on Aug 15, 2017
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As part of the handover, I am in the process of documenting a number of workflows I have built for a client. Now, I wondered if there is some ( community ): on premise or cloud based document templates / samples out there so that will ensure  I hit  correct level of detail and covers the key aspects of functionality. If is too verbose it will send the reader to sleep  and if it is too sparse, it won't hold any value.


Unfortunately,  Action Sets were not around when I built them so these would be great breaking down the logical sections of the design.


Anyway , I started to make a list of want to cover but feel free to add or hopefully, reference some road tested templates ( I hate designing wheels!)


  • Design objectives
  • Why a state machine or sequential
  • List ,Libraries and views 
  • key aspects for Form validation or presentation rules
  • Suggested enhancements
  • Administration steps
  • UDA or Web Service call functionality 
  • Status Values
  • Exception handling 
  • backup /