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Create AD User: "Invalid path or credentials"

Question asked by andreapasutti on Aug 10, 2017
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I am trying to use the Create AD User action, but I get an error saying that either the path or the credentials are invalid. I have the LDAP path and it is valid because I can use a different set of credentials to query a test account that was created there and return a result. I also have the actual credentials and I know they are valid because I can log directly onto the server and create/delete accounts.


LDAP Path: valid because I can query a result

Credentials: valid because I can use them to log on and create/delete

Create AD User Action: unsure why it isn't working when the separate pieces that go into it work


I understand how this action is supposed to work and if I can figure out why I can't use it to connect to my server, I will be in business.


I think the issue lies with the credentials. For some reason, I can't go through the workflow to connect to the server. Any idea why my credentials would be invalid in the workflow, but valid when I connect directly to the server via remote desktop?