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Changed behavior in Split from Nintex WF 2013 to 2016

Question asked by waryoldguy on Aug 10, 2017

We recently upgraded from SharePoint 2013 to 2016.


We have a list A, which references items in list B, and the user can select multiple items. There is a workflow on items in list A, that has a snippet that performs the following:

  • Run-if, the lookup column to list B contains entries
  • Splits the list of entries on a semi-colon delimiter and stores them in a collection variable
  • Loops through the collection, finds the items in list B, and updates a field.


This has worked without problem in SharePoint 2013, and appeared to be working in SharePoint 2016. Then we started having problems. We have resolved it to the point that we know it fails only if one of the items in list B contains a comma in the title.

Our problem now, is that there are many items in list B, which is in many sites, that contain commas, since it was never an issue before. Is there any fundamental change in how this would be handled, that would explain why we seem to have an issue with commas now. It is as though we have a second delimiter being implicitly added.