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Infopath form to Nintex form for a beginner

Question asked by russ.houck on Aug 11, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2017 by blalocb

   I have never used forums before (yes I'm not just a newbie to Nintex but to forums as well) and am having difficulty finding my needs through this one.  Program Management, Lean Six Sigma are my main skillsets, but I am currently in a position that requires Nintex skills (and recognize I should develop them to round out my overall capabilities anyway).


   I have mostly used SharePoint for document storage, and in the past had a Sharepoint administrator assigned to handle the workflows. I changed jobs and after a few months the person working the Sharepoint workflows left and my boss put me in the position. Long story short I need to take a form that was made by someone in MS Infopath a long time ago, and remake it in Nintex (with all of the connections/functionality). I learn reasonably fast, but am having some struggles. Everybody loves the functionality of the InfoPath form template, but A) it is the only form we have that is in InfoPath, B) updates need to be made to it that nobody knows how to do, C) if I mess-up the existing form without knowing how to fix it all of leadership will less than happy with me.  I have attached a doc explaining what currently exists (which I must remake/transition with changes). This form template is for someone (from one of 3 group options) to condense notes from meetings for example and publish/store them as an Executive Summary (EXSUM) for leadership in a specific output format. Using this tool ensures the right people have the info at their fingertips for their use or distribution (and in repository), without emailing copies.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.