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Can I store an image in a repeating section?

Question asked by mindymac03 on Aug 8, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by mai-kel

I am building a Nintex form that will have two panels - customer info and a (possibly) repeating section for equipment item/details. There is one customer per one or more equipment items. The user will need to upload an image attachment for each equipment item, which I think rules out being able to use a repeating section. Is there some way to use a repeating section that stores an image?


If not, I need some way to store multiple items for each customer request. I could have multiple list items:

Susie Steamboat, cost center, manager name, equipment description1, equipment location1, equipment picture1

Susie Steamboat, cost center, manager name, equipment description2, equipment location2, equipment picture2

Susie Steamboat, cost center, manager name, equipment description3, equipment location3, equipment picture3


To do this, I'd need to repopulate the first panel (customer information) so the customer doesn't have to input the same information multiple times. Can I save the customer name/cost center/etc information in a form variable or can I use the workflow to repopulate the form for another add or something like that?


I'm not sure what the least worst way to proceed is  Appreciate any input.