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dateDiffDays always returns zero in Nintex Forms 2013

Question asked by dleathrum on Aug 8, 2017
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I am trying to have a nintex form which the person fills out a departure and a return date and the form informs the initiator of how many days and nights this is.  The days calculation I am using dateDiffDays with the two fields plus 1.  For nights I simply am using days-1.  However the days does not change from 1, which I'm assuming is coming from the +1.  I have the days calculated value fields set up like this.



With the look of when I fill out the form looking like this.



I do not see where I have messed up since the two dates seem to be filled into the correct fields when I submit the form, so it is not a lack of set up there.


Thank you,

Duncan Leathrum