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Nintex Forms Web Request to GSA API

Question asked by dleathrum on Aug 7, 2017



I am trying to get the information from the GSA API, which I have found here, in Nintex Forms using the Web Request Action Box.  I currently am trying to get a list of the states, and then the counties of each state based on the previous selected state to appear as a drop down menu in the form.  The end goal will then be to pull the Per Diem Rate from the GSA API based on this state and city.  I have set up the first one to look like 



with the second web request that is too get the cities to look like this



I have not set up these Web Requests correctly because I have gotten different error messages when I hit the Run Now button for each and test the set up.  Does anyone see where I messed up the set up?



Duncan Leathrum