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Call Web Service XML Parsing error

Question asked by comicrage on Oct 8, 2014



I got an XML parsing error. I am using a Call Web Service to get an array of email string like the following   

<s:Envelope xmlns:s="">


          <ActivityId CorrelationId="dc05ef42-cf46-47e5-b3f1-808570b5c2dc" xmlns="">




        <GetTaskReviewerResponse xmlns="">

             <GetTaskReviewerResult xmlns=a=" xmlns:i="">


                <a:string> </a:string>





After the call web service, i send a notification email to view the raw XML and get the following


<a:string xmlns:a="">

<a:string xmlns:a=""></a:string>

<a:string xmlns:a=""></a:string>


In the Query XML, I used XPath and here is the path




The ERROR, after the Query XML, I view the count and content of the collection, it is 1 instead of 3 and

it concatenated all the email string into one line like the following


My questions 1. How can I parse the email correctly to separate the email into my collection variables? 2. What steps did I forget or did wrong?