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Electronic Signatures : 3rd Party apps / Or Does nintex have this built in?

Question asked by wdupless on Aug 7, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2017 by wdupless

Good Day All,


We are in the process in moving our Policies and procedures to SharePoint, We will be using Nintex workflows for the approval process. However there is a requirement for our documents to have an Actual signature on these documents.


I have been looking at a product called DocuSign, but I am not sure if it can tie in with Nintex 2016 (on prem).

Do you guys know of any other products or does Nintex workflow 2016 have a digital signature functionality that I am not aware of?


PS - Currently in progress migrating from SP 2013 - SP 2016.

Have not played with Nintex 2016 as I had hoped.


Thanks in advance.