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Nintex Mobile Layout on iPad

Question asked by igor_mendes on Aug 3, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2017 by corryj

Hi everyone!

I'm working on a simple Nintex form. The form works perfectly on desktop, but we need to make it available on an iPad. I though it was pretty easy, since there is a layout option for that. So firstly, I created a layout for desktop and for iPad. Both layouts seem to be ok. After that, I was told that we should use the Nintex Mobile app, and so, I should design a "Nintex Mobile tablet" layout. I also created that.


When I use the Nintex Mobile app on my iPad, and select the form, the result is terrible. My form is completely different. Its only white, the fields are all messed up, images don't load correctly and calculated values are not working. Isn't it supposed to be like it was designed? Is there anyway to achieve it?


I try to access the form on Safari, but I get an error and the form is not loaded. So what's the difference between using the Nintex Mobile Tablet and iPad layouts? Is there any way to load the form like it was designed to? The difference is very significant, and we need calculated values to work! Is there any way for we to achieve it? Like using a mobile browser, or another app for that?


Regards, Igor.