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Lazy Approval Issue

Question asked by cvuppala on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2017 by fhunth

I have an issue with Lazy approval. It is not functioning correctly.  Below are the steps that I followed.



  1. I assigned a task using “Flexi Task” action.
  2. The task was rejected using Lazy Approval.
  3. When the outcome is rejected, I have a “Send to email” action that will send Reject notification to the requestor.
  4. What I noticed is that, in the rejected notification that is received by the “requester” (shown below), it includes the original “Task notification email” between the body of  Rejected email (highlighted in Red in the below email)
  5. I expect it to show only what I specify in my “Send to email” action and not include the original Task assignment notification. Most importantly it gets embedded between the email body randomly pushing some of my sentences down to the bottom.


Please help, 




Hi John Doe ,

The open source release request for My Test Software is Rejected by Legal Review

Approver Comments for Rejection: John Doe (Reject) 8/2/2017 4:12 PM - 8/2/2017 4:14 PM
(John Doe) LazyApproval by REject

From: []
Sent: Wednesday, August 02, 2017 4:13 PM
To: John Doe
Cc: John Doe
Subject: Open Source Software Release - Legal Approval Request [#CCCHDIDKD#]

Workflow Notification
Hi John Doe,

An Open Source Software Release requires your Approval as Legal Approver. Request details are as follows:

Compliance Report

Requestor – v_requestorDispName

Description of the software – My Test Software

A - Architecture diagram - (Attached)

B - Blackduck code scanning report - (Attached)

a. Scanning completed? [For all components] - Yes

b. Conflicts detected? - Yes

c. Conflicts cleared? - Yes

C - Original copy rights included? - Yes

a. Contoso copyright notices included in the headers? - Yes

b. Release compliant with other license requirements - Yes

c. Distribution permitted by all third party licenses? - Yes

D-Derivative work review-review completed? - Yes

a. Derivative works legal review and assessment (based on phase A) - (Attached)

E-External release (Only applicable when proprietary software is included) - Yes

a. LULA in place? – Yes

b. Approved release repository - Contoso Extranet

c. Trade Compliance Required? - Yes

Note: [Contoso is required to notify the U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) that Contoso has made available to the public an encryption source code which can be found at a specific web link. Accordingly the Software Release Manager must provide the specific web link (where the encryption source code will be made available) to the Trade Compliance Team [] prior to the release.]

Management approvals required? - Yes

Management Approvals required in case of:
1.Any release of a Contoso developed software under an open source license.
2. Release of proprietary software (complementary to the open source software) through a public repository other than the extranet (such as github).
The approving functions are: Direct Manager, Engineering VP, BU VP, EVP, Legal and CTO.
The following cases are exempted from management approvals:
-Release of Contoso developed software based on existing third party open source software (e.g., patches), and any amendments to such software which were performed in a manner that does not include any Contoso or third party trade secrets or other intellectual property.
-Release based on prior versions of open source software previously approved by management.
The above exemptions do not derogate from any other approval that may be required under other processes or policies.

Management Approval Form Details

Business Use [Open Source License will be used for?] - Test Business Use

Business Impact [Business impact of open sourcing proprietary code to open source: will we lose retention of customer loyalty? only in management] - Test Business impact

Cost of maintenance [What is the cost for Contoso to maintain the code to open source? Do we need to hire a contractor outside to maintain the code in open source? ]- Test Cost of maintenance

Code isolation - Test Code Isolation

Does the software include encryption? - Yes

Please respond by replying to this email and write approve or reject in the first line. Comments can be entered in the following lines.

Click to view request details - My Test Software

Click here to respond to the request via webform.

Thank you,

-Contoso Open Source Committee

LazyApproval enabled. Reply with a valid outcome on a line by itself at the top of the return email.


If you wish to resubmit, please enter the requested information and check "Send to Legal Review for Resubmission".

Click to View / Edit your request - My Test Software

Thank you.

-Contoso Open Source Committee