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Set Workflow Variable action

Question asked by darrenfloyd666 on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2017 by tposzytek

workflow - Including a link to a SharePoint list item in an email - SharePoint Stack Exchange

I have two lists. In one list a user enters system details which then kicks off a Workflow which then sends an email to an approver. The email has a link to the second list where the approver ticks on some check boxes. What I'd like to do is to include a link to the item in the first list.


This has been suggested but Nintext doesn't have the Set Workflow Variable action:



  1. Create a new workflow variable.
  2. Use the action Set Workflow Variable, select the newly create variable and now click on ... to open string builder.
  3. In string builder put the URL to list item display form, append ?Id= string to it.
  4. Now, from the lower left corner click on Add or Change Lookup.
  5. In this, select Current Item and ID and insert it.