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Site Workflow to send email reminder on Todays Date and if Status=Active

Question asked by on Aug 2, 2017
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I have a Library (not a list) called "Risk Assessment" that has 3 relevant columns "Name", "Status" and "Review Date"


I want to have a site workflow that runs every day (I know how to schedule them) and if the "Status"=Active and the "Review Date"=Todays Date - I want an email to be sent to the initiator to say the Item "Name" needs to be reviewed.

Then I want to update the library column "Review Date"  to be To be changed to dtNextReviewDate.


If the Status="Completed" or if Todays Date does not equal Review Date I want to ignore the item .




I have a start  with setting these workflow variables.

dtTodaysDate=Todays Date

dtReviewDate=Review Date value from the "Risk Assessment" library

txtName=Name value from the "Risk Assessment" library

dtStatus=Status value from the "Risk Assessment" ("Active" or "Completed")

dtNextReviewDate=Todays Date + 1 Month


I don't know the best way to do this - have tried a Run If which only ran on one item. In my test library there are 3 items set as "Active" and "Review Date"=dtTodaysDate


Please can anyone suggest the Actions to take to do this.


I am fairly new to Nintex so struggling to do this workflow.