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Validation rules not working

Question asked by harryr on Aug 1, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2017 by emha

I am running the latest version o Nintex Forms on SharePoint 2013 Enterprise and can't get the validation rule on a form to work. It worked first time, but every attempt to test in the preview fails to use the validation. I am using IE11 for testing as that is the target browser for our users.


I have added a rule on a drop down control and told it to look at the values in two drop-down controls and see if they are equal.

the rule as I have written it is:


Control is invalid if:

Then show a message that says that the choice for Funding Type should be "A".


This worked once and the failed to function every time after.


I created another formatting rule to hide a panel based on a choice and that works fine.


Does anyone have any experience of what could prevent validation rules from working? This is driving me nuts as I am sure the rule is written correctly when it worked the first time. I have also tested it in Firefox with the same result.


Appreciate any help.