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Extract multiple choice column into collection variable for further processing

Question asked by mai-kel on Jul 31, 2017
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Hi community,


I have a multiple choice column ("Fachabteilungen") which I need later in my workflow to address tasks:

Therefor I need to extract the input of this column, result should be this

Fachabteilung 1

Fachabteilung 2

Fachabteilung 3


I did the following:


1. Query list and write into a collection variable colFachabteilungen

   Result: colFachabteilungen AFTER QUERY LIST: [["Fachabteilung 1","Fachabteilung 2","Fachabteilung 3"]]


2. Regular expression Split collection variable colFachabteilungen

   Result: colFachabteilungen AFTER SPLIT: ["[[\"Fachabteilung 1\"","\"Fachabteilung 2\"","\"Fachabteilung 3\"]]"]



3. Regular expression Extract collection variable colFachabteilungen

   Result: colFachabteilungen AFTER EXTRACTION: ["\"[[\\\"","\"\"","\"\\\"","\"\"","\"\\\"","\"]]\""]


So I received the direct opposite of what I wanted.