Calculated column and workflow corrupted

Discussion created by pierrenouet on Aug 2, 2017
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Hi everyone ! 



I had an issue this monday when I tried to import a workflow in the production environment. 
I couldn't import it, the only thing I got was a pop-up with a message (I don't remember exactly the sentence) which said "Can't import the workflow, it's corrupted".


It is a huge workflow with many actions and a state machine. So I started to delete branch by branch to see where was the problem.


And I found it, in the email of a Task. 

The email had a lot of column linked, but only one was making an issue. It was a Calculated Column.


So I tried to import the workflow on the same site and *boom*, same pop-up.


Has anyone had the same problem ? 

And if yes, why would a Calculated column do that ?


Thank you.