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How to connect Forms with JS Function returning an argument

Question asked by klausmvp on Aug 1, 2017
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I have some trouble with JS and Nintex Forms.
My starting position: List A with 2 columns: SessionName and SeatCapacity. Another list "Participant" selects the session from List A.
I had a JS function that delivers me the residual seats depending an what user selects. I put this function in the Settings/custom JS of the form.


List A:  SessionName    SeatCapacity

           Session A           2


Participant:  userName    SessionName


                 user01              Industry 4.0
                 user05              Industry 4.0
                 user06              Industry 4.0   <<--- and here is my sticky point, if user06 click on save, he must get an alert that session "Industry 4.0" is overbooked, and he can't save the form.

This is my goal. I'm verry new in developing forms. How do I address the js function from the "Save" button and get True or False or even the remaining seats ?


Any hint will be appreciate.

thx, Klaus