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Email multiple addresses from field

Question asked by snathan on Jul 31, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by mikeboggs



I am trying to loop through a list and email people. The email addresses are on column called 'Emails' (defined as single line of text)


The emails are written in the following format on each field;;


When I select the above field at my 'To' field, the workflow is not sending emails and gives me following error


'Exception: Unable to send email to group, Please ensure that the visibility of the group under Group Settings is set to everyone'


I checked to see how this field is queried and this is the result.


<div class="ExternalClassA29E0AF28E9242049FDD5890B9D222AC"><p><a href="mailto&#58;">></a></p><p>&#160;</p></div>

How can I correct this problem? Any help is appreciated!