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Unable to resolve people picker field in View mode (access denied)

Question asked by cmikhaiel on Jul 28, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2017 by emha

Has anyone seen this before?

"Some" Users were getting an access denied message when trying to open a Nintex form in View mode.

While "some" other users such as Admins and or who have very close privilages and are supposed to see the form were not getting those access denied messages.


When opened the form to edit, they didn't get that access denied message and got an error of being unable to resolve username on one of the people picker fields. I checked the field, and the name was fine. When I tried to remove the name and re-add it (it couldn't look up the name again!)..

 Also the field at first had a rule that after being approved, the field will be disabled. I removed that rule and made the field in "Edit" mode all the time. Now the user can see the form in view and edit mode with no issues.

Then I changed the edit/auto/display setting of the  people picker field to "Auto". Now the user is getting again the "ACCESS Denied" message!!! 

What could possibly be the reason to put a people picket field into "Auto" setting result into an access denied message to the users? And why would putting that field into always "Edit" mode even on the "View form", resolves that "Access denied" message?!!!!


I need to put that field back as it was, in "Auto" and make the validation rule to be "disabled" on a condition. 

Any ideas?! Is there smething broken on the View form? Is there a limit to the amount of people picker fields I can put on a form?! 

Using Nintex/SP 2010