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Startform isn't shown if workflow is started automatically

Question asked by sew on Jul 31, 2017
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SharPoint 2013

Nintex Workflow for SharePoint 2013

Startform Standard


Hi Nintex-Community,


I created a workflow in a document library. It is meant to force users to give additional information to the last checked in version of a file. Therefore the user is asked to input 2 values in the startform (which is standard).

Starting the workflow manually the Startform is shown and values are are added to the list as expected. Starting the Workflow automatically by "element changed condition" the startform isn't shown, so values can't be provided by user.

BTW: There are conditions defined making sure, that the workflow does not start itself and only when Version/ comment has been changed.

Nevertheless the Workflow is running through, but of course values entered are empty.


So the question is: How to make sure that the form is shown, even when the workflow is started automatically?


Any feedback would be highly appreciated!


Best regards,