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Workflow too wide for design canvas and horizontal scroll bar is missing.

Question asked by marekan on Jul 30, 2017
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Hi all,


this is most likely gonna sound really stupid so please don´t laugh for too long..


I run into the situation where I have to design quite robust, multistep workflow. Because of this I have to use many switches and state machines....I haven´t really figured out how to do it another way as there is many approval stages involved which quite frequently overlap one another and the whole process is quite complex.


And because of this kinda design the workflow has too many actions on one horizontal level and basically became too wide to fit into the design canvas and I can´t navigate in it horizontally an easy way.


The horizontal scrollbar just isn´t there


Anyone else had this problem? I tried to google this to high heavens and it really looks like that I am either missing something really stupid, am blind or am just the first person this ever happened to as I just couldn´t find anything on this topic.


Many thanx for any kinda advice here.