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Nintex WF - 'Update multiple items' action list fields dropdown choices not populating correctly

Question asked by on Jul 27, 2017
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I'm trying to use the "Update multiple items" to update items in a multiple lists in another site collection in the same farm. I've used this several times before on this SharePoint 2013 farm and it has worked great.


In this one particular site collection, however, most of the fields from the destination list are not populating the dropdown choices in the workflow designer action. In one instance only one field, of a total of about 40, is showing up as a choice. In another instance 15 of the 80 fields are showing up.  Each destination list only uses the default Item content type. The fields that do show up in the dropdown are a mix of text, yes/no and multiple choice. There doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason to which fields show up and why.


I made a template of the destination list and created it in a different site in the same site collection, and I get the same exact results. If I use the "Create new item in another site" action, then I see all of the field choices.


Any ideas on what causes the failure of this action to read all of the fields choices from a destination list?


Note: I saw a similar question posted before, but it was resolved because the author determined his issue was related to creating his columns using Powershell. That is why I'm posting this as a new question - because I did not use PS to create my list or columns.