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Workflow history and forms in Nintex for O365

Question asked by mkucharek on Jul 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2017 by jaapsteenis


I'm new Nintex user and I've just started to create a new workflows.

The thing that is very crucial for me is to have a clear Workflow history. With currently used other workflow system history is a standard feature available for any workflow you create. I see here this is a little bit tricky.

So, from what I've found already on the community:

1. Workflow history - for O365 there is only a standard Sharepoint History which looks quite good for me (I see who approved, can navigate to form etc) but... it will disappear after 60 days and (what I've found) there is no additional Nintex Workflow History on O365?


2. Copy fields to Sharepoint List - I've already learned how to copy task data (approver's name etc.using regex) but how can I link / navigate from list view to the form? I do not want to copy all the fields to the list (repeating fields etc) is this the only way?