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Use initiator variable in "Request data" action

Question asked by paschoud on Oct 3, 2014
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I am quite new to Nintex and I am implemented a workflow which performs some actions based on an initial filled form under Sharepoint. I am blocked at one step: assuming the initiator didn't enter all data I need in the initial form, I want to request him additional data. I am able to use the "Send notification" item to send an email to the initiator (using the "initiator" workflow variable). But when I want to use the "Request data action" item, I am not allowed to select the "initiator" variable... I can enter email from the active directory of my company, but I cannot use variables from the workflow, variables that are supposed to be people. When I select the "Initiator" as a recipient of the "Request data action" item, I simply cannot validate with no error message (the OK button just doing nothing...).


Why is this happen ? How can I workaround this to ask additional data to the initiator ?


Thanks for any help allowing be to be unblocked...


Best regards.