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Using Update XML to update Repeating Table in Nintex Form?

Question asked by gedgarner on Jul 26, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2017 by gedgarner

Hi I am trying to update a repeating table column via Nintex Workflow. I have a ‘Complaints’ list item Nintex Form with a Repeating Table for Samples that when data is entered, creates a Samples Task in separate list (which will spawn other workflows etc). This part I have done using Vadim’s excellent Parsing post.


However when the Samples Task list item is created I want to update a column ‘SampleTaskCreated’ to ‘Yes’ in the Repeating table for that Sample entry. I thought this would be easy enough as I thought I could update the column with the Loop as I would have the correct numindex variable stored within the loop already.

I am having a real headache in how to update this column, I have been looking at the Update XML control but I don’t know where the XML is stored, I can update the variable that holds the Formdata fine using the below syntax but I have no idea on how to update the XML on the actual list item



if I try and use the ContextItemURL this ends in an error ….. when using Update Item control I don’t know how to state the correct line in the repeating table to update either.  Below is where the control is in the workflow 'Update Repeating Table'


Is this even at all possible?  I know someone asked Vadim this on one of his posts a few years ago and he hadn't tried it then and I think I have exhausted my google / nintex community search options now


Any help appreciated